Sunday, May 28, 2006

Post no. 18 - The ugly face of obscurity

I am a perpetual dreamer. Quite simply means, I have a hyperactive subconscious mind, and as soon as I reach REM, my dreaming starts. I have strong reasons to believe that my conscious mind is just a facade for my subconscious, which is a complete animal in itself, is brilliant and is completely independent.
Unlike others, I never actually remember any of my dreams, not even a scene out of them, unless its a very rare occasion, when I was very involved in the dream. I had one such dream yesterday night.
The era is about 100 years from now, which is around 2110 AD. Don't ask me how I am still around? I really have no answer to it. I remember looking at the world around me and being awed by a lot of things. But one of the things that I carried back out of that journey (one that went 100 years ahead in time) was that the icons of the day had all changed.
It was almost as if, I had been in a time machine, because in the dream it was almost like the me of today being transported 100 years ahead. I remember, trying to desperately looking for something around me that bore resemblance to my life (of today)....
Yes, the people were the same, life seemed much faster....but all the icons had changed, the brands were unrecognizable, so were the heroes, the movies, the music, the posters.....I could not recognize the name of a single political party or leader. The only redeeming grace was the painting of Michael Jackson on the walls of a music store (Is he truly such a lasting icon). No Elvis, no Beatles, no Rolling Stones.....
Also, I have a distinct memory of walking upto places associated with me (my home and my office), and firstly, they did not look like today at all, secondly they had all changed, no one had even ever heard of me. If I did have descendents, I could not find any at all.
What does this dream signify? Nothing, other than highlighting the fact that we are so fragile and transient....Nothing has the power to last, neither a Bill Gates, nor a Nike, nor an Amitabh Iyer.
The fear of obscurity has been haunting me for long.....and maybe this dream is just another manifestation of this fear.
Makes me wonder though, do we understand any part of life at all?

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