Thursday, May 25, 2006

Post No. 16 - Crack-Jack F***king Bunnies

My favorite question these days is, "Why do I even pay any taxes at all?". I felt the same way today again. Our beloved (bunny) PM, announced that the would go ahead with the qouta, the way its planned by Mr. Arjun Singh (the 'original' bunny).
Does anyone care that a lakh students are protesting over this, and our a***hole police officers are cracking the whip on them? Its my taxes that feed the bunnies and the crack-jack police officers?This is a strange war. My own money, feeds the parasities, who shall rape me, suck me dry me off my life force and then move onto another victim.
Mr. Orwell, did you write '1984' to be a cicra 2006 India.
I feel helpless, its David vs. Goliath, just that Goliath is pitting David's weapons against David.....

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