Monday, May 22, 2006

Post No. 14 - Its almost unreal....

Too much travelling is not doing me any good. I seem to getting these bouts of melancholy (not depression, not sadness, not anger)....just melancholy.

Today is another day. I am sitting wondering, am I getting too old? Am I dying? may ask?

I don't know, but a look in the mirror, and I am not the same I used to be. Too much apathy surrounds me towards normal issues. My emotional response to some issues (to which others are apathetic) is conversely very strong. (These are the best of terrible times, these are the worst of terrible times)

I sit, I wonder....Is this the process of growing up....finding your feet........

Am I slightly autistic, that I am too inbalanced around certain areas?

Too many questions, it just another day. On days like these, I want to go by the sea shore, stare into the infinity, and hope life is just like the waves.....rocking back and forth, but with no real end.

('Its almost unreal' is a lovely song by Roxette in the soundtrack of "Super Mario Bros")

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