Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Post 20 - Big B to give 9CR gift to Lord Tirumala

I dont know why this makes news, but yes, now that it has been broadcast to me...I think I have an opinion on the same.
I don't know if God exists (being an atheist, has its own distinct disadvantages)....but yes, if he does, I am pretty sure, he better be omnipresent and not restricted to some piece of stone carved out to be a figure. If God cannot be confined to a place (tirupati) or a piece of stone (the idol), then why spend 9Cr on creating diamond gloves for the palm of the idol.
My point is Mr. B, get a life, you have got money, you have got some brains....use both of them effectively. Why not spend 9Cr to build a hospital at Dharavi...why not? because those 'fucking dirty niggers' who live in slums...don't need to feel healthy("why do poor people even exist, do they serve any purpose but minor distractions in our life", but wait.....aha....yes the Idol of the lord, needs diamond gloves, because the Lord's palms are the most important aspect of the idol. (thats what the lead priest mentioned).

To be fair though, I have no qualms with people's devotion, but sometimes things like these, get me ticked. On one thing, I agree, devotion cannot have a price tag. If I am addicted to a Ferrari, I shall spend 2 Cr to get it....and is my Ferrari more important than the idol's diamond gloves.....its debatable, and each viewpoint is myopic..... on the other hand though, I had an opinion I had to voice.

In my scheme of things, be good, God will come to you. Don't fuck around in public and private life, and then bribe the Lord with 9Cr. If he does not exist (which I believe), then you just wasted a fortune...but if he does exist, Mr.B, and even if he is half as intelligent as he is made out to be have had it....because he would see through it....straight through....khattam shud....what you are actually doing is counter-intuitive...and yes, why not....self-degenerative.

On a planar level, though, Mr.B is spending his own money, he could burn it, if it suits him (and he is almost getting there), why bother me? As they say, "shit happens", and yes, they also say, "a fool and his money are soon seperated." . Alas.

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